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Terms and Conditions

All your need to know about using our service

We recommend that you read these carefully before confirming your order.  They are designed to ensure that you get paid correctly without delay.

When submitting an order you will need to tick the box indicating that you accept these terms and conditions.  You can print and keep a copy of these terms and conditions and the terms of use for future reference.

We may amend the Terms at any time, without notice. Any change takes effect immediately it appears on the website and will be deemed to be accepted by any person using the website. Where you have already placed an order which we have accepted, the agreement between us is subject to those Terms in place at the time we confirmed your order.

How these Terms and Conditions apply

In these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) the following meanings apply:

 “We/Us/Our” means RD Trading Limited, trading as RDC-CBS and the provider of this service; business address: Tekhnicon, Springwood, Braintree, Essex CM7 2YN, a company registered in England: company number 2699427 and VAT number: 591 7125 30.  R D Trading Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Electronics UK Holding Limited.

“Customer” means you, a person, organisation or business using our website.

“Device” means a laptop, pc, tablet, mobile phone, games console, digital camera, display, television or other type of product shown on the website being used. A device does not include a SIM or memory card which should not be returned to us.

The Contract Agreement

Our site is only intended for use by people registered with us and resident in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. At our complete discretion we may accept or reject orders from people outside of these territories.

Your contract with us will be formed when we receive your order. It will incorporate these terms and conditions and our terms of use. Please click on the How It Works page for more information.

You must own all rights, title and interests in any device(s) that you return to us.

Ownership of the device(s) will pass to us when we receive the device(s), in accordance with these terms and conditions, and we have sent payment to you, when, hence, a contract will be formed.

The contract between you and us is binding on you and us and on our respective successors and assigns.

You may not transfer, assign, charge or otherwise dispose of a contract, or any of your rights or obligations arising under it, without our prior written consent.

We may transfer, assign, charge, sub-contract or otherwise dispose of a contract, or any of our rights or obligations arising under it, at any time during the term of the contract.

You may cancel the contract with us at any time up to the time when you return the device to us ("cooling-off period"), providing:

the contract was negotiated and concluded exclusively by means of distance communication (including, but not limited to, telephone, letter, fax or email); and

you are a person acting outside the purposes of any business.

When cancelling during the cooling-off period, you need not give us any reason for cancelling the contract, nor will you have to pay any administration charges.

To cancel the contract you must notify us in writing.

Other than if the device does not meet our terms and conditions (see below), this contract cannot be cancelled after you have sent your device(s) to us (outside the "cooling-off period").


By placing an order through our site, you warrant that:

You are resident in Great Britain or Northern Ireland; and

You are accessing our site from that country; and

You are legally capable of entering into a binding contract; and

You are at least 18 years old; or

If you are under 18 years of age, that you have obtained your parent's or guardian's consent to sell your phone to us for the sum indicated via our website.

You and your parents or guardians release us of any liabilities or claims that may arise if you send the phone to us in breach of this warranty.

Your statutory rights are not affected by this contract.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, "consumer" means an individual who neither makes this contract in the course of a business, nor holds himself out as doing so, as defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

Businesses and Organisations

By placing an order through our site, you warrant that:

You are authorised to act on behalf of the registered business or organisation; and

You are based in Great Britain or Northern Ireland; and

You are accessing our site from that country; and

You are legally capable of entering into a binding contract with us.

VAT Registered

Businesses that are VAT registered can set up a self-billing arrangement at the point of completing your order.  A self billing arrangement is an HMRC approved process where a customer prepares VAT invoices on behalf of their VAT registered supplier.

Advantages of self-billing:

By entering into a self-billing agreement with us can be helpful for your business because:

We are responsible for making sure that the VAT details on the invoices are correct.

As part of the agreement with us you will receive faster payment – this can help your cash flow.

For further information about self-billing visit


Each device sold should match the make and model and/or specification in the order and meet the grading condition that you have selected.

By submitting an order through our site you warrant that the device(s) comply with these terms.

If a device fails to meet our terms and conditions we'll submit an adjusted price by email to you. If you choose to decline our new offer, we are happy to return the device free of charge. We have the final decision on all device values. Adjusted orders will be automatically processed for payment if you do not reply to our proposed offer email within 5 days.

Please note:

You are responsible for cancelling any airtime contract linked to each device. We are not responsible for any call costs arising before, or after, receipt of your handset, or arising from any other circumstances whatsoever.

Where applicable please ensure you remove your SIM card before sending us your device. We accept no liability in the event that a SIM card is sent with a device and where charges are incurred. You shall continue to be responsible for such charges. Any SIM cards received by us are non-returnable and will be destroyed.

Please remember that by sending your device to us, you agree to release us from all and any claims, losses or damages with respect to the device, any data stored or contained therein or on any media used in conjunction with the device (whether in the form of personal details, SMS, photos, games, songs or other data ("Data"). We accept no responsibility in relation to the security, protection, confidentiality or use of such data and it is your responsibility to ensure that such data is removed from the phone prior to you sending it to us.

Lost, Stolen or Counterfeit Mobile Phones and Devices

Selling a mobile phone or device which you do not own may amount to a criminal offence. We support and adhere to the 'Stop Stolen Mobiles Being Recycled' code of practice set by the Home Office and the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit.

We will check the IMEI/Serial number of all mobile phones and devices received on the CheckMEND ( database of lost and stolen property records to ensure no lost or stolen items are purchased.

Counterfeit phones or devices are fake items which are manufactured to resemble products made by another company in breach of their Copyright.

If a mobile phone or device is found to have a record that indicates it is counterfeit or has been lost or stolen or we become aware of any other issue relating to its ownership, we will notify the seller by email and quarantine the mobile phone or device for an initial period of 28 days ("the Quarantine Period"). Payment for the mobile phone or device will be withheld by us in the event that it has been identified as counterfeit or until the CheckMEND record does not show the mobile phone as stolen or lost.

In such circumstances you will be required to contact CheckMEND to prove that you are the rightful owner of the mobile phone or device and have the lost or stolen records associated with it cleared within the Quarantine Period and/or resolve any other issue relating to its ownership.

If during the Quarantine Period the mobile phone or device is cleared on the CheckMEND database and any other issue relating to ownership of the same is resolved, your sale will be processed and paid for as normal.

However, where the mobile phone or device is counterfeit or is not cleared on CheckMEND within the Quarantine Period, we will be required by law to hold onto the mobile phone or device, pass it to the Police or other law enforcement body or dispose of it, and by entering into this contract, you expressly agree to this action. You will not receive any payment if such steps are taken.

UK legislation states that we cannot under any circumstances return or pay for a mobile phone or device which is counterfeit, lost or stolen or recorded as such. 

If you have received payment from us for a mobile phone or device which we subsequently become aware of an issue relating to ownership, you agree to immediately reimburse us in full, within 3 business days following a written request by us, for any such payment pending an investigation by us or any law enforcement body into ownership of the mobile phone or device.

If we at any time become aware of any issues relating to the ownership of the mobile phone or device, you agree to co-operate with us fully with a view to resolving the issues. You may also be contacted by the Police and/or other law enforcement authorities.

We may disclose seller details to the Police or other authorised bodies (such as, but not limited to, network operators and insurance companies) for the purpose of investigating or preventing a crime. By entering into this contract you agree to us supplying data to the police or other authorised bodies for the purpose of the prevention and detection of crime, arrest and prosecution of offenders or for the recovery of stolen property.


Prices offered on our website are subject to change at any time without notice.

When your order has been placed, the prices quoted are guaranteed for 10 days from the 'Order Confirmation' date. (This is the date on which we send you a confirmation email or dispatch a return pack). If your device(s) are received after 10 days from the 'Order Confirmation' date, the current advertised prices will apply. We don’t want you to be disappointed - so to help you, we'll send a reminder email during the 10 day guarantee period.

Postage & Packaging

We have various return options depending on the website being used which can include freepost, drop-off and collection with packing services.

Where you are returning the device(s) to us they must be packaged in accordance with our How should I package my device to ensure safe and successful delivery to us.

Unfortunately, other than when we arrange courier collection, we do not accept responsibility for non-delivery of device(s) or damage in transit. We therefore recommend that you send any high value units via special post to ensure successful delivery.

Registered deliveries should be sent to us at RDC-CBS headquarters:


Shutter 15





Please see Select Shipping for further details.


We offer a choice of options including bank transfer (BACS), PayPal or PayPoint and voucher payments depending on the website being used.  Where applicable you will be required to select a payment option when placing your order.
Unfortunately this payment option cannot be changed once the order is placed. Please note that PayPal will take a commission for handling any transaction, meaning you will not receive the maximum trade-in value. 

If you are a business and wish to register your VAT number to create an HMRC compliant self billing arrangement with us, you will only be presented with a payment option of BACS.

When we receive your device(s), we will check that the order is complete and that it meets our terms and conditions. Providing it does we will make payment to you using your chosen method within 5 days of receipt (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

Payments can only be made to the name and address given when you register.

If you have lost your voucher (un-activated), you can request for it to be cancelled and re-issued. A cancellation fee will apply and will be deducted from the re-issued voucher value.

Vouchers cannot be re-issued for any reason once activated. Voucher payments include VAT.

Bank Transfer payments

Bank Transfer payments can only be made to the account details given when placing the online order. We cannot, under any circumstances, recall or reissue bank transfer payments once they have been made.

Charity Donation

Where you have chosen to donate the value of your device to charity we will make payment to the selected organisation on your behalf.  If you are a UK tax payer you will be able to tick the Gift Aid box which will increase the value that the charity receives.

By ticking that you are a UK taxpayer means the charity is able to treat all donations that you have made for the past four years as Gift Aid donations until you notify the charity otherwise.

You understand that you must have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax in each tax year, that is at least equal to the tax that Charities & Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) you donate to will reclaim on your gifts. You understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify and that the Charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that you give.

For more information about Gift Aid visit

Events Outside of Our Control

We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under a contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control or due to our compliance with any applicable laws or regulations.

Entire agreement

These terms and conditions, together with our terms of website use and privacy policy, shall constitute the entire agreement between you and us in relation to your use of our services or accessing our website and shall supersede all previous agreements between you and us in relation to your use of our website.

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